Top 10 things a guy’s FRIENDS do after his break up

As beautiful as love is, going through a breakup is as bad because ‘Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead’popularly quoted by Adele. The only thing that can help you get over a breakup is your friends and they would do almost all the insane stuff to help you get over it.

So here are few things that a guy’s friends would generally do to help him move on.

1. Take him to a good trip to get over the girl “Chal pahadon mein chalte hain yaar!”

, Alan, trip, friends, breakup, Zach Galifianakis

lets go in the lap of mother nature and forget our woes

2. Buy him booze “daaru sab marz ki dawaa hai mere dost… pi le aur bhool ja usey (alcohol is a solution to all break-ups, drink and forget)”.

breakup party, booze to set you free off pain, daaru, breakup solution, boys, friends

lets take it down and drown our sorrows!


3. Buy him a cigarette “ye le mera bhai, roll bnate hain! It’ll relieve your stress”.

breakup, boys, beatles smoking, smoke to forget, stress, cigarette

smoke to forget

4. Stalk girl’s profile on social networking sites to check with whom she’s goin around and keep a tab on her check-ins.

social network, laptop, boys, friends, breakup

lets keep a tab on her


5. Give him some sympathy… “Rona band kr yaar ! Wo pehle se hi chaalu thee

boys, breakup, sympathy, friends sympathizing, breaking bad, jessepinkman, Aaron Paul

stop moaning over her !

6. Take him to gym… “bhai tu body bna… ladki apne aap aa jayegi”

boys, breakup, friends, gym, Arrow, Stephen Amell

Get ripped get laid !


7. Elder brother/sis would probably say “Get a life ! padhai mein dhyaan laga aur suppli clear kr apni”

elder brother, friends, breaup, study hard

a bittersweet symphony

8. Take him to some club “Let s party and get over it …who knows we find a girl for u there (wink)”

friends, club, beakup party, marshall, barney, how I met your mother

Party hardy drink bacardi


9. Accompany him in watching action movies and playing video games.

how I met your mother, watching tv, playing videogames

cause TV is more interesting than people


10. Take away his phone everytime he thinks of calling or texting her…. “Bhai ! tu pagal ho gya hai kya?”

needn’t text your ex, breakup, friends

donot text your ex. NO !


Guest Blogger : Tanvi Dobhal

Tanvi is a Pharmacy Consultant by profession and a true traveller by character. She is a vivid writer and loves to write about Health, Lifestyle, Travelling and Shopping. Her hobbies include watching football, reading books, listening to music and travelling.

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