9 Privileges you get being a citizen of Independent India

Many of us crib about living in India for our country being polluted, crowded, unsafe, too much corruption around. But on this 69TH Independence Day we tell you why you should really feel proud to be an Indian citizen.

1. Culture

Different state different culture, so if you are tired of living in the same old city? Or want to break the monotony of life? Travel to a different state and you will certainly be amazed by their culture and traditions. Not to forget the warm welcome you will receive. India is so culturally diversified that every state has their own culture whereas countries like US, Venezuela, Taiwan are amongst least culturally diversified countries.

dance forms, culture, India, diversity

2. Nature

Partying at Goa or enjoying backwaters in Kerela, India offers everything to the traveler in you.India has been blessed with scenic beauty throughout its length and breadth. Pristine lakes, wildlife, beaches, snow capped mountains with breath taking view you can enjoy everything in India but not in many other countries.

Nature, Goa, beautiful places in India

3. Cuisine

Taste of India
Another best thing about India is that there are soooo many cuisines to savour on. Every state here is famous for its culinary excellence. Our love for Punjab’s chole-bhature, Delhi’s butter chicken, Gujrat’s dhokla, Bengali sweets, South Indian Dosa is famous all over the world. You cannot find so much variety of food in any other country and that’s why India is ranked amongst the top countries for its lip smacking food.

Indian cuisine, butter chicken, Indian taste, chole bhature

4. Freedom to media :

The fourth pillar of democracy
Indian media has the largest number of news channels in the world. India grants freedom to media to make Indians aware of political activities, technological advancements etc. In addition Indian media is readily accessible to the citizens and is most of the times helping to raise voice against injustice. Media in countries like North Korea, Syria, China, Iranis controlled by the state where people get to know only what the government wants them to know.

Freedom, media freedom, Indian News, Journalism, Arnab Goswami, Namo, Narendra Modi

5. Smart Brains

Largest pool of scientists and engineers in the world with more than 700 universities, 33,000 colleges and over 1500 research institutes, millions of students graduate and post graduate every year making India the second largest in scientists, doctors and engineers. One of the many proud moments was when India’s Mangalyaan mission entered the Mars orbit for just 11% the cost of U.S’s Maven probe.

Engineers, Scientist, Mangalyaan, Mars Mission

6. Right to protest

Massive protests against corruption and Rape were held by Indian citizens because India gives you the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of association. Countries like China, Singapore amongst many do not allow you to protest against the government. Infact, if you try protesting in such countries you will probably land up in jail.

Protest, Freedom to Protest, Freedom

7. Opportunities

A tea seller became the Prime Minister, social activist became the Chief Minister: India offers a lot of opportunities to anyone who is willing to work hard irrespective of which class they belong to.

Opportunities in India, Prime Minister

8. Women Rights

India is the one of the most liberal countries when it comes to granting rights to women. On the contrary in Saudi Arabia women can’t drive nor vote, women in Yemen are not allowed to leave their house without their husbands, Voting is not allowed to women in Vatican too.

Women rights in India, liberal nation, freedom, independence

9. Democracy

India is the world’s largest democracy, where the government is democratically elected by the people of the country and offers freedom to all individuals. Countries like North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Egypt amongst many others have dictatorship rule where there are no rights to individuals, decisions are enforced and are often violent and the people have no right to think but to follow their leader whatsoever.

Democracy, Freedom, Independence

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