10 Recent Events That Rocked Social Media

Nowadays, our nation is being solely driven by the social media. The news of everything and anything gets created and becomes a buzz amongst all. So here’s a look at few #hashtagged events that went viral on most of the social networking sites and YouTube because of their weird/ controversial/ humor quotient and for some funniest trolls being made on them :

1. The infamous ‘AIB roast’


Infamous AIB roast

In Your Face Arjun!

All India Bakchod Knockout (AIB Knockout) was in the news all over for its hilarious yet ‘oh! so nasty’ content. The roasters Ranveer Singh and ArjunKapoor were being mocked and dissed in the most funny, abusive and filthy ways by the AIB panel. The show, hosted by Karan Johar, got varied reactions from Bollywood. Aamir Khan and few other celebrities condemned the show calling it extremely violent other actors took the AIB roast in a rather fun way.

2. Arnab Goswami


Arnab Goswami

I demand an ANSWER

The editor in chief and news anchor of Times Now Arnab Goswami is generally known amongst the masses for how he conducts one-sided debates (or rather how he interrogates his panel) in a way that goes viral most of the times.Arnab is known for his extreme views. He interrupts his panel when his views don’t match with theirs, never lets the panel get away with their bent replies and his favourite one-liners include: “The nation wants to know” and “The nation demands an answer”. Many trolls and memes are coming up on Arnab Goswami and spoofs such as ‘Barely speaking with Arnub’ by TVF has gained a lot of popularity on youtube.

3. Net neutrality

AIB Net neutrality

Save the Internet

The cyber space is abuzz with net neutrality these days especially when AIB came up with their brilliant video ‘Save The Internet’ regarding the issue, their first after the infamous AIB roast. Many Indians shared their views on net neutrality and sent e-mails to TRAI about their concern for losing the freedom to free internet access which may result in paying more to the mobile operators for the websites you will access and slow speed internet while accessing sites you haven’t paid for, in addition to the internet charges.If u still don’t know about Net neutrality here’s a little insight about it by AIB.

4. The Mauka-Mauka Ads


MaukaMauka ads, Cricket World cup 2015

tum se na ho payega

The spice of this year’s cricket World Cup was the ‘Mauka-Mauka’ Ads. The Ads were a big hit amongst the Indian cricket lovers and was a hot topic during tea conversations. Bubblewrap Productions was the brain behind the ‘Mauka-Mauka’ads which brought the whole country together to cheer and support the Indian cricket team in the World Cup. Later, many spoofs of these ads started doing rounds on youtube.


5. IIN trolls


IIN trolls/memes

seekhne ki chah

IIN, the Idea Internet Network, trolls are all over the social networking sites these days. IIN ads propose that in case you haven’t got into a good college or could not continue with your passion for some reason then enroll yourself to theIIN (a virtual university that allows you to learn anything and everything). Soon after the Ads came, many parodies and trolls started to surface about the IIN ads.


6. Deepika Padukone’s ‘my choice’


Deepika Padukone’s My choice

women empowerment trolled

Deepika’s ‘my choice’ video by fashion magazine Vogue took the world by storm for its strong message on women empowerment which got varied reactions from people from different walks of life. With bold statements and even bolder graphics, few appreciated and many criticized the video for how it preaches on freedom for women to have sex before or out of marriage under the name of women empowerment. No matter what Deepika and all the women in the video say, do or believe but to make a right choice is certainly your choice.

7. Virat-Anushka love saga



Trending now days as #Virushka, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s love is all over the news. Many sadistic and vicious trolls were made on the love birds since Anushka was brutally blamed for Virat Kohli’s bad performance in World Cup semi-finals. Later, Kohli slammed media for blaming Anushka for India’s World Cup exit stating that the media should be ashamed of themselves. Despite all of this the love between the two is only getting stronger day by day.

8. The tales of Alia bhatt’s wisdom

Alia, the all time genious

anyhoo! She is cute

Alia Bhatt became the butt of all jokes after her appalling goof up on Karan Johar’s talk show. Alia bhatt was trolled all over the cyber space but she took all the trolls in a very sporting way and later the actress collaborated with AIB where she is seen taking coaching classes to raise her IQ. This one’s really funny, take a look.


9. AlokNath and his ‘sanskaar’ gyaan


aloknath, babuji

babuji k sanskar

Bollywood’s official ‘babuji’ was suddenly all over the cyber space for he was trolled in the most amusing ways. The veteran actor,who has played ‘babuji’ in many movies and tv serials, also took the jokes on him very sportingly.

10. Rahul Gandhi


Rahul gandhi

Rahul baba

Rahul Gandhi has always been trolled for his (Oh! so dumb) interviews. Known for his oratorical prowess 😀 , Rahul Gandhi was again in the news and this time for returning back to India after a two month sabbatical to an undisclosed place.#RahulReturns started trending all over the social networking sites with some greatest and funniest trolls being made on him.

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